good and bad, but mostly good news.

Good news:
I just found some old lipstick that I bought a while ago and didn't like, but now I love it. (Emma Stone was right)
I found a blue highlighter, so now studying is way better.
Ivy will be here in the morning when I awake.
The Pride and Prejudice soundtrack is suriously the best. especially for studyin'. (not new news, I'm just enjoying it right now)
I'm going to have a nephew in about 10 days!! YAY!!!!
I'm almost to 5000 views on that missionary blog post!
I'm done with shots at school! (well, I will be tomorrow. just one more tiny lil thang)
Jessy goes to Florida tomorrow! In her letter this week she said, "I leave at 7:15! look to the sky for my plane and I'll wave! (But use binoculars or you probably won't be able to see me)"
... she was probably dead serious. hahaha I LOVE HER.

Bad news:
work all week...?

but hey. that's the only thing I have to complain about, and it's not that bad. it could be A TON worse.
I'm actually pretty blessed as far as work and education goes.
I suuuuure am.

Alright, I must get on with studying now. 2 tests to be taken tomorrow!

Happy Sabbath

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