Big 18 for Amanda!

well firstly... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMANDA!!!! This girl. she is the sweetest human. always just so happy, and has the best heart. the biggest heart.
I'm so proud of her and the wonderous direction her life is going! I'm a proud mama bird.
Today we decided a picnic was in order, so we went up to inlet park, in Saratoga Springs. I just discovered it the other day, so I was like, "this is the place"
THEN I wanted to see what the west side of the lake held for us, as far as boat harbors went. I have a thing for them.
and here are the many many pictures! good day.

"Katie, look up"

this look is on her face a lot. hahahaha. stylin' glasses

My Mountain from a new perspective

gotta have that cliche dock picture, obviously

I know you want to see my finger toes

this is what "feet survivor in the frigid water" looks like

then she fell in. just kiddin. but we're not gonna pretend we didn't picture it and laugh. hahaha. CHAMP!

"what is katie doing?" HAHAHAHAHA

                                            SKILL. Haps birthday Manda moo! LOVE YOU!!

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  1. Hey stupid head, what is inlet park? And why didn't you tell me about it since I LIVE there? Pretty pictures!!