a few things

1. I just saw the first spider of the season and it was dime-sized and it was in my favorite sweats and I had to smash it on my favorite sweats with my favorite umbrella
2. I am LITRALLY starting to stock my Etsy shop, you guys. I'm not just SAYING THAT. there are like 5 items there! whoo! pat myself on the back. (right now it's bows, invitation/announcements, watercolor prints, and digital download prints. what else)
 Whilst I am creatin', I have mainly been inspired by old songs, and old lyrical smidgens, that no one really appreciates. (or at least the Pinterest world of graphic designers don't appreciate, heh) I have about 20, but I'm ALWAYS in need of more. (if you follow me on Instagram, that is the reason I wanted your favorite love songs, and I definitely used some!)
if you're ever listening to a song, and think, "OH! that would look great on a poster!" feel free to tell me. (I'm not a magician though, 15 words or less. ok yeah no 10 words or less. keep it simple, stupid).
you guys rock. all of you. all you blog followers, instastalkers, every single one of you. you're ma fave.
I did I did!! I'm the luckiest auntie on the planet! (besides like, all of my aunts, obviously ;)
Hunter James Robinson was born on Thursday, no major problems or nothin'. Carly is an amazing mother already, and Ben is an amazing dad. SO happy for them!

Just jabbering on about how excited she was to have a cousin!

Cutest Uncle Pidg

Full head of hair, this one.

Best pop pop

As I've said a hundred times... I'm dang lucky.


  1. Ok that picture of Ivy is crackin' me up so bad! Her round little face! I'm dying. You da bomb.

  2. I'm commenting again. Because between Ivy's big face and Hunter's head of hair I'm just having a great day every time I look at it!