The passed two days have been off-the-charts wonderful, which is PROBS a good thing on account of, Jessy is peacing out of Orem (to Provo) in 4 DAYS. (or 3, I don't know how to count down in that way)
Yesterday, I was like, "School? EH". So Jessy, Alex and I headed up to Sandy for a little antiquing and Nordstrom Rack. (I found a FLIPPING great and perfect old(ish) map of Utah) After that, weeeee went to Color Me Mine for Jessy's Christmas gift to Alex! Color-Me-Mine always calls for smashing times. It was a lovely day full of BFF time. To end it, we Shauna spent too much money on Junk food, we had some Harry Potter Clue, and then I was gone and in my bed in a flash.

TODAY! I woke up at 8 and I was like, Why did I volunteer for this thing at 8 AM?! buuuut I'm really glad I did. At school, they were asking for people to volunteer at a free screening thing for the Kidney Foundation. I met sooo many cute old people, I just wanted to die. It was a great experience, and actually kinda fun! I want to volunteer more, like real bad. I think I will.
Then I came home to sweet Ivy Jo, and played with her for a while. Then her mama came home and I handed her over to other adorning fans.
since it was BEAUTIFUL outside, I  uhh... went outside. and pretty soon, the whole neighborhood was out there. I loved it. it was just like summer. Kelsey brought her kids by to play with the dogs, the Whiteheads probably heard my voice from down the street and came over, and we had 5 other neighbors, about 5 dogs, and a baby whisperer(hahaha). oh it was just a good little hour. it made me so happy, cause really, I have the best neighborhood.
Then Jessy needed to have one last Polar Queen shake (my heart swells with pride) so we all hopped in Crosby and headed down to Payson. You probably think us fools for going to Payson for a meal. and that's fine cause you probably just haven't tasted Polar Queen, and I feel sorry for you.
To end the night, moooore Harry Potter clue, and Harry Potter 7 part 2. for some reason during the most serious of parts, we laugh our BUTTS off. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. and all while Katie was crying her face off. haha. I love watching Harry Potter with the Whiteheads.

I don't usually spout off my detailed schedule like this, but I'm just using this as a journal write, cause my hand can't handle that much writing.

Mischief Managed.

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