SO. Like I've mentioned, Jess and I aren't exactly the beeeest at punctuality when it comes to giving gifts. So this year, I decided to just combine her Christmas gift with a kind of... going-away gift.
(and yes, I just sent it today)
I decided to make her a book. I facebook stalked the crap out of her, and all her friends. I eeeeven snuck some off her computer when she was in the room! wuuut?
in the first ehhh.. 30 pages I put all of those pictures.
in the next 10, I went to all her friends and (most of) her family, and had them write a little message of happiness or encouragement.
then I wrote in there a bunch of good quotes, just quote and sayings of all sorts.
and then in the back, I added a little folder thinger, for her to put pictures people send and stuff. (that was my proudest moment, figuring out how to make the pages into that. go me.)

SO, lucky for you, I'm a huge dork and made a video tour of it. well a real quick video tour.
---don't mind my inablity to turn pages like a normal person---

It was a lot of work, and I pretty much carried it everywhere with me to add the little details when I was bored. but oh man, it was worth it. cause that Jessy, she deserves it.

oh, I also added Nutella, pretzels, 3 bows, earrings, and monkey stickers.
(if you know Jessy well, you know what she'll be most excited about)

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