I have a HUUUGE appreciation for grandmas and grandpas who document life!
(maybe that's why I have about a million pictures on my computer)
anyway, here are some excellent photos that you probably don't care about.
unless you're a Robinson.
did you know that I love my last name? funfact.

hmm. looks familiar. (from my dad earlier today)

 Mary & Burton back in the AUS


 REALLY diggin' Aunt Cindy's hair ;)

 It is my understanding that this is in Indiana...? whatever they're adorable. 

this picture is pretty dang famous in Robinson-wise. with good reason. 

 My cousin Caleb looks EXACTLY like my dad in this picture. It's pretty freaky.

This is one of my favorite pictures, of one of my favorite people! 

auntie's got STYLE. 

 Dare to be different, Gram.

 look at this cutie! and look at the color in his fabulous stache! 

I always really wanted to play under this tree, but there were just TOO MANY of those black bugs with red strips. blech. but this picture is unreal.

 Another of the lovely couple back in Perth. They were originally called to Guam, but grandpa had just had his heart surgery, so he called "them" up and said "We want to go to Australia where we know how the healthcare is, and where's it's familiar" and so they did.

 oh Greg.

 real-live love

 that hunk in the background is my father.
A favorite of mine. "Timpanogos, lovely Timpanogos"

Thanks for snappin' these pictures, Grandma and Grandpa.
love these guys.

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  1. My thoughts-
    1.It freaks me out when people look exactly like other people. Like Caleb-dad. Or Jeff-spencer. I mean it's just weird!
    2. Wow. Grandma wasn't a tall person, yet she's tall compared to all her sisters. They must be SHORT!
    3. Why is Grandpa in a wheelchair in that picture?
    4. Dad's pants are very dirty in that picture
    5. I love that tree!!! And that house!!!
    6. I miss them :(