peace 'n' blessins

So Tuesday is over. and I am happy that it is. I've come to the decision, that if I plan things out, dreading something, playing it up to be nothing but tears and little hiccups, it won't be that bad in when it really happens.
During Jessy's setting-apart, Shauna and I were just over in the corner bluuuuubberrrrinnnngg. haha, bless that Shauna. cause I swur no one else was crying! (or maybe they're just really good at not sniffing loudly)
But when I said goodbye to Jess, it was mostly happy. The tears that came a'pourin last night were mostly happy. and then after a good little cry, (the smallest of the cry-fests that have made an appearance in the passed 5 hormonal days) I was fine, and happy. and I felt peace. that sounds cheesy, but there is no other way to say it!
The happiness wayyyy overrules the sadness of her being gone. She is where she is supposed to be, she is where she will be the happiest and learn the most for the next 18 months. I'm so proud of that lady!
I honestly can't even put into words what an amazing friend Jessy is. I LITRALLY can't find words. she is that outstanding of a human. If you are friends with her, you know.

So she's a missionary now! And to fill that void is a record player named Nina, and the mailbox.
as well as my other AWESOME friends, and my incredible family. I'm dang lucky.
I think I'll probably cry whenever I hear country music now, cause she's my only friend who likes it. (sad, right?!)

stay excellent

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  1. hi. my name is carlee and i like country music.

    & that chick is gonna do some work.

    that's all.