out of the loop. to the max.

I swear, man. It's not even funny how out of the loop I am. kids these days.

I didn't hear Thriftshop till a month ago, and I just found out it's Macklemoore. more. moor. mure.
I've never seen the actual Harlem Shake video, and the only redo I've seen is one my work did.
Also, Gangham Style. nope.
Still haven't seen Batman, Skyfall, Lord of the Rings, or Starwars. (ok those last two were just confessions. not really recent. meh)
The only reason I know who played in this whole basketball bidness today was cause Isaac showed me a picture of Kevin Ware's NASTY 90 degree angle compound (understatement) fracture. (HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?)

wait I think I just described a grown-up. crap.
I'm just in my own little bubble of country music, oldies, Parks & Rec, The Mindy Project, Harry Potter, Response Marketing Group, MATC, family, second family, email, the mailbox, instagram (realtalk), and the occasional Target trip.

OHHH I'm over it. I like my life.
side note:
Allen Carlson comes home in 2 months. THAT IS NOT EVEN REAL LIFE. I feel so awkward about this whole situation. We have been writing for 2 years, gotten to know eachother pretty well, but I feel like I'm gonna be meeting him for the first time. can that get weirder?!
We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

alriiight. over and out.

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