Many the Miles

Women of the WOOORRRLD! I need your help.
If you have sent off any kind of missionary; brother, friend, boyfriend, and on and on,
this post is for YOU!
(I realize this works for gents as well as ladies, but the end-goal is mainly for the gals. fellas, chime in all you want though!)

I am working on something, that requires a lot of opinions, a lot of advice, a lot of input.
And who better to help out than real-live girls, with real-live missionaries?! (again, I emphasize... doesn't have to be a boyfriend!)

What I want you to do:
Tell me your experience. share your story. give me the juice.

some things you may say...
What is your relationship status (this is important)
If this man is indeed your beau, how serious is it?
Are you dating? or hard-core waiting? (rhymes all around!)
 Where he at? How long does he have?
How often do you write?
Tell me about the goodbye if you wanna!
Did you stay for the setting-apart?
How often do you write?
How long after the goodbye did it take to get into normal routine?
Are you friends with the family?
What do you like to send in packages?
What percentage of your letters are spiritual? casual?
How do you encourage and uplift him?
What advice would you give to other girls who are nearing toward that dreaded goodbye?
(and you can put all of these in past tense if the bloke is back:)

honestly, anything you want to tell me. I'm a sucker for a good love story, so spill away!
I am a good secret-keeper, so your name will NOT be shared anywhere.
Just go right ahead and email me at


and most importantly... spread the word LIKE THE PLAGUE! 

I thank you for your cooperation. I will think of a stellar way to repay. I promise.
(and tell your friends)

Mischief Managed.


  1. The fact that it doesn't have to be a significant other makes it lovely, cause I have a lot of friends on missions, but of course I'll just choose one and I'm pretty sure you know him. I'll need something to write about tomorrow (I like to write a lot) and I think this will be the perfect thing to do. Yay - I'm so excited :)

  2. so i'm all boring and married now, but i managed to send off 2 marries before that. it was a while ago, but if you want stories or anything, let me know :)