feelin' bold, here goes nothing

what do people even blog about these days? I always start a post, and then I'm like "WHERE IS THIS GOING?" so I just exit right out of that sucker.
Nothing terribly significant is happening in my life. the most exciting thing that happened today was finding out that missionaries can email their friends freely---which I believe is due to complaints of the postal service since the announement of last General Conference--- so that's AWESOME!
I have no deep thoughts or questions looming in my mind, no big life decisions have been made... sooo... I don't even know what I'm doing over here!
but I'm not gonna exit out. I promise.

here's something. (a few things, actually. feelin' bold)
I'm taking a wack at writing an E book. wwwhhaaat?....the crap is an E book?
I still don't fully understand it, but Emily and Micah suggested it a few months ago, and after letting it swim around in my brain, it got used to the waters and it's happenin'.
It's just like... a mini little (well mine is gonna be mini) book/story/whateveryouwantittobe that people can download onto their nooks and kindles and google fires. (Joanna's words, not mine)
I'm gonna write a random, nonsense one first. but I have BIG plans for the second one. I KNOW I KNOW. you simply cannot wait. but you'll just have to because I honestly don't think that will happen for a good 6 months. cause I'm lazy and I only write when I feel like it.

anywho... I'm also going to start designing such invitations as these...
for a small buck or two. it's fun. and not too shabby. so I'm gonna roll with it.
in other words... spread the WORD! I'm working on a baby announcement for Ivy right now, and oh, it is adorable.
this is how it works: you give me info you want on it, the style you want, (like that up there, or more calm), 5 colors to work with, and $15. I send you your lovely design, asking for any critiques.if you have them, I fix it and resend. I just want your happiness!
k anyways.

OH GOSH I'm also going to start taking actual requests for those handwritten prints. you know, these

...I swear they look cuter in real life. I'm fixin' to take some professional-er-looking pictures.

My boss gave me a few quotes to do today, and totally encouraged me to "double-dip", meaning, I work on them while I'm working at my actual job. I mean, I did it anyways, but now I have her blessing! bless that woman.
right now, as I said, I'm just taking quote requests. but soon enough you'll be able to purchase them. (for a small, SMALL penny. I'm no professional here, guys.)

so yeah. WOW that blog post surely went uphill! I had no idea all of that was gonna come out!
I might regret this later.
oh well.

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