So here's the skinny.
I think a lot of movies and TV shows take a girl that is chill, and laid back, and passive-aggressive, and they glorify her. They make her look like the girl that the guys will want. The girl that people are attracted to. That may be so on Gossip Girl, but I don't see that working out here--- at least in my life.
I think it's best to be yourself. I mean, if you're a chill person. fine, whatevs. but if you are crazy, then BE CRAZY.
I want my future little holly's to be themselves, be quirky, and most importantly, be confident. 
no matter what. that tis my wish.
OBVIOUSLY Amy Poehler said it best!

“I get worried for young girls sometimes; I want them to feel that they can be sassy and full and weird and geeky and smart and independent, and not so withered and shriveled.”

Word, Amy. I always knew you were my fave. (obsessed)

I saw this list on Pinterest titled "Ladies you want your daughter to know before she reads Twilight"
HA. (that one got a repin just for the title.) I was thinking about it, and I think the most important thing for girls to be is confident. to not care what people think. (to a certain extent) to never think less of herself just because someone gave her a weird look for her outfit choice.So those lists are all refined, smart, awesome women. but I'm gonna give you a list of ladies-- both pretend and real--- who I think have good qualities to take after. (And I'm not saying all of their qualities. haha)

1.Fancy Nancy. This needs no explanation, just go read all of her books and you will understand me.
2. Claire from Elizabethtown. That's actually what got me thinking about this, I just finished that movie for the first time. I love how spontaneous she is. She's fun and bold and loving. That map she made for Sir Sweetbottom? She's known the guy, what, 2 weeks and she's putting that much effort into making him happy? she doesn't care if it comes off as forward, or slightly creepy. she is a WINNER.
3. Leslie Knope/ Amy Poehler. ok guys she's like a hero ok?! She (Leslie) sets goals and reaches them. she gets things done. she's slightly crazy and she doesn't care what people think. that's what I love. confidence no matter who is watching. (ok well obviously use your filter though)
4. Marjorie Pay Hinckley. this, also, is a given. just pictures of her radiate happiness and confidence, and that comes from the service she gave, and the life she lived, giving it to her church. not to mention marvelous sense of humor.
5. Hermione of course! cause while being crazy and not caring is important, common sense is equally as important. this bright young witch is confident, as in, she's a huge know-it-all but she doesn't care what people think. so if you're gonna be a nerd, be a brave nerd. (I mean that in the best possible way, Hermione ma girl.)
6. Jennifer Hudson. MAN! She just screams confidence and bravery! do you not agree? After all the hell she's been through, and she is still  "THE MAN" (what is a female version of that phrase? "The Woman" just sounds odd)
7. Mindy Kahling. "I fluctuate between curvy and chubby!". seriously though, she's the best. People give her crap for not being "hollywood skinny", but she don't let that bring her down. She's so sassy and she doesn't care what people thing. flip, I love it. 

and obviously I don't want my daughters to take after the sinning that goes on up in these shows and stuff. but you get the idea.

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  1. I think the best way you can help your own daughter understand what you just said is to be that way yourself, which I think you're really good at. If a little girl sees her mom as someone who is happy with who she is, then she will start life seeing herself as good enough. Before she even starts learning the world's view of "perfect." I really admire you for your confidence! Help me teach Ivy Jo <3