blog challenge days 1-31. BOOM.

DUDE. I love instagram and blog challenges. I love sticking it to the man and doing them all in ALL IN ONE DAY. holler. (because there's this thing called I'm not NEARLY consistent enough to do one a day... and another thing called I'm bored.)
1. Self portrait & 5 random facts.
you can see a portrait to the left. and 1. I hate snickerdoodles 2. I love driving, and didn't even complain when I went to American Fork/Lehi 3 times in one day last week. 3. my favorite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood. 4.I love looking a maps. 5. Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress.
2. Favorite quote: "So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly keep smiling. Because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about"
3. What makes me happy? wft? um ok I'll pick one of A THOUSAND...pictures. pictures make me happy.
4. Best childhood memory: um, my room (basement) used to be unfinished, but it was the place of many haunted houses and games of "house" and stuff. And we had swings hanging from the ceiling. me and my friends would swing real high and hit the metal vent on the ceiling. it was jolly good times.
5. Movies I never get sick of: The Proposal, While You Were Sleeping, Harry Potter.
6. Last random act of kindness.... It wasn't random, but I volunteered for 5 hours on Saturday. well worth my time. I love meeting new people. 
7. Dream job: Graphic Designer/ stay-at-home mom
8. Biggest pet peeve: Tail-gaters, and when people working in retail or at restaurants aren't friendly. and when the only thing girls post on instagram is photos of themselves.
9. Bucketlist? got a whole page for that! (see top tabs) --- most recently added, ride on a riverboat.
10. Daily Routine... snooze alarm 4 times, get ready, go to school, come home and change, go to work, come home and lay in bed until I fall asleep. YOLO.
11. Last book I read: Harry Potter of course! the 4th. well I guess you could count half of the 5th. that book was so boring. ok not boring, but I just didn't ever have an urge to read it. and no one can change my mind about it.
12. Something I miss... high school... HAHAHAHA. not. um. well. I don't know. nothing. I don't really miss Allen cause like, I don't think I can cause I never had him around. so I'm more just excited for him to come home. errrr. when I was 5 I lost my purple plastic purse with $15 dollars in it. I miss that. yeah we'll go with that.
13. Do I have regret? nope. everything leads to something for a reason.
14. What's on my ipod? OK well let me just list off the 800 songs... no thank you. but I also have 3 episodes of How I Met Your mother, and 1 of Parks & Rec. also 3,743 pictures.
15. 10 things that make me awesome? um. I'll pass. awk sauce.
16. Why and when did you start blogging? k well truthfully I always thought blogging was bad when I was old enough to know what a blog even was.. but then I think my sister told me it wasn't. so I started one, I don't know why. my first few blog posts are fetchin' weird. now I blog as a journal, and a creative outlet.
17. Where am I happiest? I'd say in my house when my whole family is there. it happened just last night! love those humans.
18. What's my biggest accomplishment? HMM. I guess a picture that I took of myself (a selfie if you will) made it into a high school art show at a museum.
19. 5 blogs I read on a regular basis?! fun. well if they blogged... Hue and Hum, NieNie, Wearing it on my Sleeves, Something Devine, and my sister's!
20. What do I collect? LIFE Magazines. old ones. and recently, Vinyl records. and antiques in general... whoops.
21. Biggest fear? worms
22. What do I do when I'm home alone? I for serious lay in my bed. in the mornings though, I walk around in ma robe and bake things.
23. Do I have a hobby? hahahaahaa. too many. photography, mod podging various objects, graphically designing lovely prints, looking at pictures of myself, ya know. the usual.
24. Most embarrassing Moment? OH THIS IS GOOD. It was the senior all-nighter, and it was also my birthday. a kid in my grade had a band, and they were playing on in the auditorium of course, my and a few of my pals were right up front, and of course, I yelled for Andrew (the guitarist)'s attention, and demanded that they sing for my birthday. he said "GET UP HERE!" ... well, MVHS is not too keen on safety when it comes to nails being hammer ALL THE WAY IN to the edge of the stage. I turned around, propped myself up backwards, and heard a rip. that's right. all the way through. my. underwear. thank the Lawd I had on a sweater. I tied that thing around my waste like a soccer mom, and got out of there. (of course, after we rolled on the ground laughing. ok I did more of sitting.)
25. Describe my location. I am sitting indian-style, on my bed. there is a laundry basket of clean laundry in front of me. Parks & Rec is playing. all of my lights are on. k.
26. Favorite food? BREAKFAST. and lately I've been into rice and various meats.
27. 3 online friends. hmmm. uhhh. I'm not HUGE into making and meeting blogging friends. buuut Paige Anderson and I have become twitter friends! this is weird. k bye.
28. Guilty pleasure? OH MY GOSH for once in my life I don't think I have one. I stepped away from Gossip Girl (I got bored)... for the longest time it was Grey's. oh, Oreos with peanutbutter and McDoubles. there.
29. Favorite time of year? NOW. like, litrally. March-May. I love spring, cause it's like, "MAN IT'S COLD AND IT GETS DARK SO EARLY" but then it all changes and it's happy and sandals.
30. Icecream flavor? I'm not a HUGE Ice Cream person. but Frozen Yogurt, I love cake batter and cheesecake.
31. ANOTHER SELF PORTRAIT? k we're diggin' out an oldy. this was my senior year. photo cred: Pedro Correa. Scarf and pants cred: Amanda Whitehead. Old camera cred: G-Cramer himself

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  1. you are the cutest. You literally make me smile every time I read something you post! I love it!