another accidental ombre

my hair likes to do this thing where it takes it upon itself to ombre'. to melt. whatevs.
It's coooominggggg.

also, I didn't go to school today. I worked on some craftolas and went down to the Harmony Shop, where I got this lovely ribbon. and two pointless books. 
then I went to work.
THEN me and my sisters (future sister-in-law) included, took mama to get her first pedicure! 
ok let me just say, I sort of despise those. it's half hour of someone scraping and tickling away at my feet. NOT A FAN!
but it was a fun night. a last whoop before baby Hunter makes his appearance! 
so excited!! 

alright, I'm out. 
A big fat GRACIAS to the girls who have emailed me with their stories!
keep em' comin. 
and a special shout out to my girl Megan Brown for helping to spread the word! I adore that woman. 

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