Man. Life is just good lately.
A few weeks ago, I saw no light at the end of the tunnel of school, work, sleep, repeat.
But lately, things be brightening up!
Here are 7 things--- because 7 is the most magical number. apparently. 

1. I've found old letters and my grandpa's history, and man. what a boss. I never knew him too well, so reading all this stuff (which I'm sure would put anyone else to sleep) has helped me get to know him!
2. I'm designing a wedding announcement! WHAT? seriously, it's so fun. it feels SO good to have people have that much confidence in me, cause that's kind of a big deal.
3. I start doing SHOTS next week!
4. Family picture/senior picture season is comin' on, and it's comin on STRONG. tell yuh friends. and if I were you, I would hit me up for dibs on a date right about... now.
5. My girls Katie and Natalie TORE UP THE STAAAAGE at Orem Jr tonight, for the production of High School Musical! (let me tell ya. nothin takes me back to Jr. High like that movie) Katie is Sharpay, and Nat is Gabriell..a. e. brain fart. anyways. It was so fun seeing them rivals, cause they are definitely the opposite of that in real life! they nailed EVERY NOTE! I was pretty impressed with the whole cast! good on ya, girls!
6. Les Mis comes OUT TOMORROW. you can surely bet that nothing else will be playing on our TV for the next... forever.
7. Today was a good day but not like OH MY GOSH I LOVE TODAY good. after I saw this picture, however, my heart was just BURSTING with happiness! (it even overruled a letter from Mr. Colorado. no offense, bruh)
My cousin Matt went to the MTC on the same day, so I knew they were bound to see each other eventually! I'm glad Jess thought to get a picture!
love these people.

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