30 couples who trump The Notebook

Here I am! being a stick in the mud. 
I'm about to vent out some serious annoyance, so just, ya know. please, don't take offense. cause you shouldn't even care what I think! I'm just doing this to solve boredom (but you all know I'm a little bit right)
I am guilty of cliches. but one of the ones I WILL NEVER submit to is this.

Let me emphasize... I like this movie, I really do! you could say it's in my top 30. but this makes me want to throw up, because it's TOO OVER USED and too worshiped by the female population.
Sure, this is cute. there are too many couples that are more admirable and REAL than Noah and Allie.

so here are 30 movie/tv couples that I think are better to "have a love like" than these two kids.

1. Cliff and Claire Huxtable
2. Drew and Claire (on Elizabethtown)
3. Hermione and Ron (book versions please)
4. Jim and Pam
5. Ben and Leslie
6. Benny and Joon
7. Donny and Marie. (HAHAHA that one's for you, Emily and Jill)
8. Lily and Marshall
9. Booth and Brennan
10. Doug and Carrie Heffernan
11. Deb and Raymond Barone
12. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. (had to)
13. George and Nina Banks
14. Harry and Sally
15. Hal and Lois (Malcom in the Middle)
16. John and Jenny Grogan (Marley & Me)
17. Claire and Phil Dunfy
18. Cory and Topanga
19. Zach and Kelly (HA)
20. Jane and Mr. Bingly
21. Julia and Robbie Hart (The Wedding Singer)
22. Guy Patterson and Faye (That Thing You Do)
23. Grace and Bob (Return to Me)
24. Maria & Mr. VonTrappe 
25. Lucy and Ricky 
26. Wesley and Buttercup
27. Charlie and Sam (Perks of Being a Wallflower.)
28. Mike and Carol Brady
29. Harry and Ginny. (BOOK versions, again)
30. Rob & Laura Petrie (Dick Van Dyke show)

I'm not bashing on the Calhoun love. I would just rather have a love like alla theirs up their. 
especially 1, 3, 5, and 25.
tell me your favorites! 

Stepping off the soap box. 

Mischief Managed


  1. Holly, you rock! I love numbers: 1, 18, & 25 :)

  2. The thing about Ally and Noah's love is that it's fun and irresponsible. So... it works for fifteen year olds. A personal favorite of mine is Emily and Micah's :) :) Haha.. awww cheesy. But besides that my favorites are Hal and Lois and Lily and Marshall. So real. Well, Lily and Marshall's is a little out of control, but still. Haha. Ok bye.

  3. Emma and Mr. Knightley, Roger and Molly (Wives and Daughters), President Hinckley and Marjorie -- to name just three.

  4. Andy and April! They love each other so much.