treat yoself 2013

If you know Parks & Rec, you get it. We decided to have a "Treat yoself" day, cause I mean. that's awesome--- before Jess left on her mission. so then we decided to add it on to our St. George weekend! We didn't actually sing the little "treat yoself two-thousand-leven" tune a whole lot, but you know. it's fine.
I didn't get any pictures of the whole time... cause we were really really busy shopping. Mostly at Urban Renewal. GUYS. I'm telling you, go there. It's on the corner of St. George Blvd and Main Street. My friend Madeline introduced me a few years back, and I've always liked it, but never bought anything there. But those awesome awesome people decided to expand, and BOY is it heaven. way better now.
Like, Jessy said the words "Normal stores seem so boring now" after we spent a couple hours exploring that place.
Probably the best part about it is that it is a 50-dollars-cheaper Anthropology. and the people are SO nice. so many treasures of all sorts! It might be my second-favorite place in the world.
gah. just go.
ANYWAYS! we just shopped for a little while today, (we went back there. haha). and then after watching TV in the hotel room for 2 hours I was like K I'M BORED WE'RE LEAVING.
So we went to Snow Canyon of course! the weather was PERFECT. nice a cool. 

 I saved her life by forbidding her to go down the steep side. (you can call me a fun sucker. a stick in the mud. it's whatevs)

 Selfies. ew I hate the word.

 The most low-maintenance cripple there ever was!! bless her heart. and bless her temporary handi-cap parking pass.

 tooke forever to get my hair to do this this morning.

AAAAAAND THE GRAND FINALE!! my personal favorite. 

Happy Sunday tomorrow! Please send some good vibes up to Mr. Sun for me and my nerves.

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  1. you are so cute!!!!! I love your blog and I love you!