top ten "feel-good" movies, just in case you were wondering

Elizabethtown, right? It's one of the most underrated movies, in my opinion. I just barely saw it for the first time, and I loved it! I just really like characters like Claire. Confident, delightful, independent, hold-your-head-up, spontaneous girls.
I'm a fan of feel-good movies. and this is definitely one of them. (let the record show, I don't usually like Kiersten Dunst. but I still like this one)

anyways. "Feel-goods"
I think it's important to have those kinds of movies. movies that you watch when you're having a bad day, or need some alone time. ya catch ma drift?
I probably have too may. wanna know what they are? that's what I thought.

1. Runaway Bride. (another huuuugely underrated one)
2. Father of the Bride (1&2)
3. While You Were Sleeping (duh)
4. Corrina Corrina. (DUDE. like, no one has seen this one and it is honestly on my top ten... which may not be hard, but seriously! SO good)
5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (why you want to leeeeave me?)
6. Miss Congeniality.
7. A Cinderella Story (if you watch this with me I won't stop quoting along the entire time)
8. Sweet Home Alabama. (those small-town flicks really get me)
9. You've Got Mail (a classic in my casa)
10. Elizabethtown--- the new addition.


  1. SPOT ON I am in love with Elizabethtown. I watched it on Valentine's Day by myself and cried because 1// Orlando Bloom is devine 2// I WANT TO BE HER! 3// I'm a girl, and girls cry a lot

  2. I haven't even seen Elizabethtown. I want to see it now! All those movies are super good though. I love all of them!! You've Got Mail. Yep. They'er all amazing. Hope you're happier today :)


  3. Ok thank you for liking Elizabethtown. I find it hard to believe that you just barely saw it for the first time cause a few years ago I made mom and dad watch it. I dont know if they liked it, but I think it's so good!! "Life and death, death and life!" Good old Chuck and Cindy. (is that their names? now I'm doubting myself)

  4. I LOVE CORRINA, CORRINA! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!! that movie reminds me of my childhood!!