the skinny on Lyme disease (it sucks)

Lyme Disease, right? Who knew it was even a big deal, over here in little ol' America?

here are some things you may not know. things I CERTAINLY did not know.

1. Lyme Disease is spread by a Deer Tick--- BUT did you know it is also a sexually transmitted disease? (again, I sure didn't). This debilitating disease is way way WAY underrated, and way misunderstood.
2. it is the 2nd fastest growing infectious disease in the whole world. 2nd fastest, and it is right here in happy valley.
3. The Center for Disease Control believes that treatment for Lyme Disease only takes up to two weeks, therefore, doctors are only allowed to prescribe antibiotics for two weeks--- like I said before, debilitating. I don't think a word as dramatic as that, and "two weeks" really go together.
4. Lyme Disease mimics, and can cause permanent diseases like Type 1 Diabetes, Chrons, Celiac, migraines, depression, anxiety, and quite a few more not-so-fun things.
5. After diagnoses, it can take 4 years to fully recover. that's four years of being sick all the time.

This is Justin and his wife, Rebekah--- on a good day.

Justin came home early from his mission in Canada, because he was so sick. He was losing 2 pounds a day, and his companion had to carry him into the ER.
It took doctors 4 years to diagnose Justin, and by that time he was in a wheelchair.
6 months after he tested positive, so did his wife. Just like the CDC refused to believe AIDS was a sexually transmitted disease in the 70s, they don't believe it about Lyme Disease now.

Justin encouraged his friends with chronic illness to get tested, and 9/9 were tested positive for Lyme Disease. 

This is a big deal. We need to open their eyes, and give people with this life-changing disease the treatment they need and deserve. 

How can you help, you ask? well hey good news, it's pretty dang easy. It'll take you a few minutes, but let's be honest, two minutes is totally worth helping a lot of people, and changing a lot of lives.

Simply click on this link, create a quick account, and sign the petition.

I'll wait here while you do that.

... whistling...

... checking instagram ....

... facebook stalking ...


done? ok cool! Thank you so much. SO SO much. The Lindorfs are an awesome family, and they deserve what help they can get.

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Happy Friday, all!

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  1. This broke my heart. Why? Because Trevor was diagnosed with Lyme Disease...but guess what? IT WASN'T LYME DISEASE. We found a cure through natural herbs & I thank God every day. I had a room mate in college who is going to die within the next year because of Lyme Disease. It's a SERIOUS thing. And I wish people would recognize that more! If you want your friend to email me, she totally can!