Shower the people

"It's time for "Singles awareness day" to come to an end.
Lets all be happy with the ones we have, that love us, and who we love.
we are all truly blessed to have love in our lives. and we're not talkin the kissy kissy kind.
we're talkin' about the will-never-fail-you-blood-relation kind. 
family, y'all. family."
...is what I said last year. and BOY do I stand by that today and tomorrow and forever! I mean, hopefully in the next several years I will have that kissy kissy love. and I'm sure that will be splendid. but a holler at all my people, be happy. cause LOVE IS ALL AROUND YOU.
in honor of tomorrow, and in honor of sweet baby James, and in honor of my dear sweet mother who has a big fat crush on James Taylor, here is a new lil' design I came up with. (my eyes are burning from focusing on it so hard!)

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