Necessity is the mother of invention

I'm about to tell you all my secrets... so listen up.
ok, it's not even that big of a deal. this was actually QUITE easy to create.
First, let me say. I hate non-natural light for photo shoots. hate. who likes it? no one.
There is no room in my house with excellent light AND a bed. So I created my own little studio for newborn/ baby sessions.
It was a piece of cake.
My kitchen has a big window. which is basically all you need. well, it's not all you need.
What you'll need: 
a big window, a big table (or floor. a floor would work too), a card table, some thick blankets, and a couple heavy things. (5lb weights, phone books, humans, etc)

Uno: lay down a few blankets, so the baby is comfortable. (obviously). and pull out two legs of the card table, like so. I also used a pillow for most of this.

Dos: I put the weights (or phone books or whatever you desire) on those two legs, just in case the blanket that you'll put over the card table pulls on the table. we don't want ANY infants being crushed by a card table in their first 10 days of life!

Tres: We don't want harsh lights and weird window shadows interrupting this shoot. So get a white sheet and drape it over that window. (if it's overcast, it's usually not as bad)

Cuatro: grab a niiiice softy soft blanket and drape it over. Like I said, I put a pillow under that blanket so baby is cozy. And for some of the pictures, I made kind of a little nest with different blankets underneath the wooly one.

Cinco: grab your test subject. (I couldn't find bitty baby!) and test out that light. I mean, this part isn't crucial. but it's efficient.

And there you have it! told you it was easy. and of course you could improvise however your heart desires!
 for this I already had a fabric garland, and in the one below is a blanket my her meemaw made her. you don't need fancy wrapping paper, plus this makes it more personal! {full shoot here}

 And for this, just a half-way-done afgan I've been working on! it seems to make it's way into a lot of photo sessions. {full shoot here}

Good luck!


  1. you never cease to amaze me! You are darling Holly!

  2. Thank you- from the bottom of my heart- for not crushing Ivy with a card table. She's much too cute to get hit in the face.