Ivy girl

The passed 24 hours have been filled with excitement, worry, yawns, talk of girl parts, and fast food.
Ivy Jo Richards was born at 3 AM this morning, February 4th.
It was rough, a C-section had to be done, but Emily handled it all like a CHAMP. and so did Ivy. The general anesthesia effected her a little, so she's getting her oxygen all back to normal in the NICU for the week. could be MUCH worse, we're grateful that they're both healthy. I've just been crying on and off today out of happiness that all is well.
The whole family, minus Carly and plus Jessy, waited in the hospital waiting room till 4 AM. then mom told us to go home, and to come back and visit in the morn.
for some reason all of our bodies only fancied us sleeping till like, 9.
so we're all hung over basically.
I love love love love love my little Ivy Jo. And I love that she shares a birthday with Macey, who as you guys know, is basically like a niece to me. I'm so lucky to have these kids in my life!

Happy birthday Ivy Jo and Mace face!

that is all the blog I can muster right now. pictures will come later, after Emily and Micah show her off on their own facebooks.

bye now.

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