house of treasures please

A couple weeks ago, my dad started telling me all about this AWESOME old man that lived in his ward growing up. He was just one of those guys. those ... awesome people. He was bishop 3 times in his life. and I can't remember much else about him, except for that he had a HOUSE just for his ANTIQUES.
That's why my dad was telling me about him. he said I'd love him cause of that, cause he loved going to thrift stores and antique shops and collecting.
I was so excited, I was like, Dad! ya gotta let me meet him! (in my head)
and then good ol' pops casually mentions something about his funeral that had taken place that morning. dang it all.
anyways. I want a house just for my antiques. I mean, not just stuffed in there. a cabin in Huntsville or something, full of treasures. Buuuut from the looks of it,  the house that I live in will be decorated like that. sooo I guess I don't need an extra house after all! (I would call myself a hoarder but that cool brotha did it, so I'm not worried)
but I still want a get-away house in Huntsville. it's a dream of mine. (who wants to retire in Arizona? flip! no!)

That umbrella up there was 10 DOLLARS. do you understand how good of a deal that is? cause it's excellent. (just ignore how nasty nast it looks. it's just been loved an extra lot.)
and that is just one LIFE book of like, 20. (if you think I'm exaggerating, you don't know me very well)

ok well. that's all! happy Friday! 

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