I had a dream that my cousin Becky picked me up at the AF Old Navy and we drove down to Orem, and there were not normal seats, just these weird car seat things, so I just laid across those while my OTHER cousin Becca and he kids were in the back of the car.
We drove passed my aunt's old house, and there was a table outside it with left over food from a baby shower, so we stole like, all of it. crammed those sweets right into our pockets. (Becky's idea) then her husband Alex showed up and they dropped me off at this little strip of apartments.
in one, was Mr. Weasley and a bunch of other wizards trying to look like muggles, like all crammed in there. and there was something ridiculous written on the sign out front, something they thought Muggles would say. haha.
A few doors down was Amanda and Katie, who had apparently hit the jackpot at a thrift store, and were cramming "their room" with 8 lovely pieces of thrift store furniture. I was trying to help, by saying, "Your beds are still outside, and they need to fit in here too" Then Amanda was rude to me (which she never is) so I was like, "K BYE". so I went a few doors down, cause Mr. Weasley was supposed to take me to my car. but instead my 16-year-old neighbor was there, so he took me to the AF Old Navy instead. And the car ride was getting awkward, so I decided to wake up.

I never ever have dreams that I can remember that much of! and I just needed to write it down SOMEWHERE. that's what blogs are for, right?

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