did that happen?!

I just keep shaking my head like "did that really happen?"
but in a good way. Did my best friend really get me a RECORD PLAYER for (late) Christmas?!
That is something you ask for from Santa himself. Jessy is Santa.
I had not one single HINT of what it was. I knew it was something awesome, and I was assured I would love it. which is why I was baffled in all this planning, because I am hard to shop for. She had pretty much my whole fam in on it, asking everyone's opinions and trying to decide which one. I'm like, WHAT THE H IS THIS PRESENT?
She set it up in my room, and I had me come down. I opened the door to a pretty orange  record player sweetly singing "Happy Holiday with Frank and Bing". I cried a little bit, and hugged her probably more than we've ever hugged in our 6 years of friendship. (hahaha we aren't touchy-feely)
What did I do to deserve a friend like Jessica Lynn Russell? That girl.
I'm still just so shocked!
And happy! I always want to buy vinyls when I go to antique stores, but I talk myself out of it, because... if you buy vinyl records and you don't have anything to play them on, that is called hoarding. (most of the time)
Also, I just happened to find a small jackpot of Records that mom kept. The MONKEES. Chicago. Sound of Music. Hallelujah.

This record player will calm my little broken heart when Jessy leaves in TWO WEEKS!! Oh, bittersweet is the worst feeling. But I am so excited for her.

ok. I'm gonna go try every single record I just found.
I'm sorry your best friend isn't as cool as mine. hehhhh.

p.s. she still needs a name. suggestions are warmly welcome.

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