couldn't resist.

So, being an auntie as fun as I thought it would be, and more!
Ivy is pretty much the perfect baby. Perfect size, perfect personality, and not even boring! I love that I go to school close to where Emily & Micah live, so I can drop by as a please. If Jill still lived up there... now THAT would be perfect! at least it's not Denver, though :)
I've been pretty much wayyy more active on Facebook lately than I have been on this here blogging universe. Like, probably to an annoying point.
I took Ivy's newborn pictures yesterday, and it was a blast! A few years ago, I hated newborn pictures and was too scared to do anything creative with the baby. but lately, I've been LOVING it. I mean lately I've only done Crew's and Ivy's. (both perfect babies, might I add) but it really is slowly but surely becoming my favorite type of photo session. so spread the word! (I'm really stubborn about location though... cause my makeshift studio on the kitchen table has excellent light)
aaaand now I can't resist any longer, I'm giving you a peek at Miss Ivy Jo's pictures. cause I've been DYING, sharing just the bare minimum. (If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sorry you're welcome.)

 {photographer's favorite}

(cheers to Micah's sister who got her this awesome Ron doll. I've never been more jealous of a 2-week-old)

Soooo THAT is what I've been up to! Hanging out with Ivy, surviving school + work, and avoiding the fact that Jessy has 15 days left in Utah. 
bittersweet, folks. bittersweet. 

Mischief Managed. 

p.s. Go here for more photo shoots. this kind of shoot is $65. a wicked deal.

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  1. Love ivy's pictures, she's so cute! I cannot wait to meet her. And you do good work.

    And I cannot believe it's almost time for Jessy to leave!