WHO is proud of me for keeping my blog design the same for a week? I am. and I think this one is gonna stick around for a while.

YESTERDAY! oh yesterday was  delightful. I had a short-lived read-a-thon with my mom before we had to go get our hair did. but it was lovely while it lasted. I was cozied up on the floor with 6 pillows and the best space heater in the world. (when that thing dies I think I'll literally give it a funeral)
After I got a nice, NEEDED trim (thank Jeel), Jess and I went to shoot our good friend Sean Lee, for he leaves on a mission to NY, NY in a couple weeks! Normally I would be like "OH NOOO RAIN", but I was so excited that it was drizzling a nice drizzle outside for this shoot. it made it way cool. (you know me and rainy photoshoots--- with the right people and awesome friends who hold umbrellas for you like a slave)
to top that off, we found an old double-decker bus on the way up to where we were, so we went back to it with Sean to take some pictures. Jessy was way excited to explore it, (it was open and abandoned. but if you ask where it is I won't tell you cause I'm a biatch) but me and Sean were weenies by the time we got up to the top, he posed, and I said "oh my gosh it's gonna tip over it's so old".
so THAT was fun!
then I went to The Pizza Factory with my sister and her friends, where we had absolutely terrible service but the pizza was good.
and that was my Saturday. it was a good one.

also, I'm ok with this rain. so ok with it.

Sean is my favorite person to shoot, cause he is fun and he doesn't complain!


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