summer & sidenotes

I'm not gonna lie to you... Summer is not my favorite. Heat makes me cranky, and the days are bloody long. but what I DO love about summer is the warm mornings and the warm, never-ending nights. This summer is going to be suuuhuuuper different with no Jessy OR Alex. (aka no one to appreciate it when I blast country music) but luckily I have PLENTY of other amigos, who although may hate the wonders of such music, are lovely company. Also, I'll have a niece and a nephew, who I'm going to assume will be lovely company as well.
The Whitehead girls Katie always makes up a summer bucket list for us to complete, and we usually only cross off about 10 things (out of about 50)... but this coming summer, although far away, I am going to:
1. attend more Rooftop concerts
2. finish school
3. takes some time specifically for the photoshoots I've always wanted to do, but never had the time.

I know I know, It's January. but I miss warm weather right about now.

some sidenotes:
1. I went to Target last night, and every item I bought was $4 or under.
2. my Australia sweatshirt came, and it is everything I dreamed it would be. plus it came a day early. I love Amazon with all my heart.
3. I bought a few songs from Les Mis (the movie) this morning, and cried during 3/4 of them. Especially "Suddenly". I'm usually skeptical of people adding songs to classics like that, but that song has my approval, 100%. it fits in perfectly and it's beautiful!

ok. happy Tuesday to all, and to all a good night.

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