some nonsense about a lake being my favorite place

"What's your favorite place in the world?"
I asked my pal Al that the other day in a letter. HAHA seriously I need to stop admitting to these cheesy doings.
anyways, then I was like, HMM. What is my favorite place in the world? The place I think about when I need to get my mind off something and just ya know, relax for heaven sakes.
and it would definitely have to be this place.
Mirror Lake

We got there, and drove around to pick a campsite that wasn't reserved. Lucky for us, the best spot in the whole campground was free. I'm not even joking you. I wish I would have taken a video of a tour of it, cause you just walk down a dainty little path, hop over a log, and you're at this boardwalk and you're at the lovely lake. (the lake of shining waters, if you will)
Oh I love this place SO MUCH. I'll never camp at another campsite when I'm there, I can tell you that!
and of course you can't forget how delightful and ---excuse my second cheeser-- serene the mountains are. My favorite thing is hearing the breeze come 'a' rushin' through the trees. oh, and the sillouettes at dusk. holy crap, nothing beats it.
I'd even put up with the SICK NASTY toilets for this place. (I'm pretty sure that's what hell smells like)

I wish I was there right now, cause that just seems like way more fun that school and work! maaaan I need to get away. but my room will do for now. and maybe sleep. yeah, sleep is good.

happy Friday eve!


  1. Me too, girl. But actually for 3/4 of this post I thought we were at Payson Lakes, so I kept trying to figure out when you might have gone camping there recently without me knowing. Cause that's another favorite place for me.

  2. You are such a talented photographer. These pictures are amazing holly!!!