My Obsession with Parks & Rec

This blog post started out with me confessing how many times I have gone through certain TV shows, but that was just too embarrassing, even for me. plus it was turning into a post about Parks  & Recreation anyways so SORRY to disappoint, but I deleted the TV show mumbo-jumbo. 

I am always watching a series. I watch while I'm getting ready for the day, and as I'm falling asleep. I just finished Parks & Rec for the _th time, and while that was happening, I didn't wanna watch ANYTHING else. I seriously never get sick of it. and if you're thinking, "Ehhhh I tried watching that but got bored" (not kidding, about 3 people I've talked to have said this), but I'm telling you, SKIP to the second season. really, the first isn't that great and it's only like 8 episodes. Also, the series is wayyyy cleaner than all of the shows of today. (besides a few dirty comments here and there. but like, they never show the nasty-nast. love that)

ANYWAYS. here is some motivation to watch this show.


 Reason enough.


this is my personal favorite. hahahaha gets me every time.

ok well, hope I changed your life today.

mischief managed. (and now I want waffles)

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