looking forward

oh hello! you caught me in a stress-free, happy mood. a rare occurrence these days, sad to say.

1. Lately, seriously, I could watch the same Sandra Bullock movies over and over. I watched Miss. Congeniality for the first time in a whiiiile a couple nights ago, and it dawned on me, "DUH. she's my favorite actress". she never ever ever disappoints me!
2. In February, I'm going on a roadtriiiip with two of me BEST FRIEEEENDS. yeah St. George, partyyy. but really, even if there isn't a million things to do, it's nice to get away. and it'll be a blast with those two lovely gals! (my family's favorite activity is going to Walmart and counting how many polygamists we see. "spot the pa-pa" ... cause po-po is police)
3. I spent an obscene amount of money on Emily/ Ivy yesterday. holy crap, my kids better get her hand-me-downs ;) and her baby shower is on Saturday and I am soooo exciiiited! Jill and I are AMAZING party planners. just to let you know.
4. My cat, Captain Morgan (you may know him as Bear) decided to go quite LITRALLY psycho this week. like, he was for real creeping me out. we thought for sure he was gonna run his little tail-less butt out of here for good. but this morning when he came back from a night spent who-knows-where, he didn't hide under the bed, hiss, growl, or dart mysteriously from one room to the next. Bear is back in town. what a relief.
5. I'm gonna start being healthier, because dang my body has been ruuuuude to me lately. back probs, sick probs, you name it. baby steps, people. this week is healthy food week. and maybe I'll exercise a little. BUT MOM IT'S SO BORING.

oookey! I'm so glad I have a few things to look forward to. This week, it's just the weekend to look forward to. Next week, me and my friends are going to Rupert Grint celebrity stalk at the Sundance Film Festival and shop and stuff! thennn the next thing is IVYYYYY COMIN' to TOWN! and thenn.. spring break? then... well I'm sure there will be fun things to fill the empty spaces and weekends until allen comes home my birthday!!!! HOLLA!

Hey, have a good Monday for the both of us.

Mischief Managed.

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