K-dub was born

Did you know, that I have lived down the street from the Whiteheads my entire life, but it wasn't until the summer before my senior year that they became my second family? In fact, it was at girls camp. oh thy blessed girls camp. and it started with Katie, who is 5 years my junior. (tryin' something new here) I don't know how, but me and Katie just like, started hanging out up there in the dirt. And that is how I became friends with Katie, Amanda, and Sarah. I think. I don't know guys, my memory is a little bit rusty. but I just remember a lot of Katie, and then after girls camp, all three of them. I mean me and Amanda were friends, but Katie apparently wanted all of my attention or something... doesn't sound like her though...
It was around the time that that stupid song "can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?", so of course at night up there at Shalom, Katie and I laid our already-dirty backs down on the cement square by the steps of the cabin, looked up at the sky, and started singing "CAN WE PRETEND THAT SHOOTING STARS IN THE NIGHT SKY ARE LIKE SHOOTING STARS?"
twas a memory I shall never forget.
I've written about all three of the Whitehead girls, and how each of them are like me in different ways. but today I'm here to tell you that we are super similar, but I am not nearly as cool as her. I WIIIISH.
She is the most quirky, weirdest most unique, strange and wonderful human being. she is SUPER confident all the time, which is something I think we all wish we had more of. She has got friends out the wazoo, and everyone loves her. a big fat heart, she has.
She lets me drag her along to photoshoots as a little assistant/mentor, and is actually helpful!
Bless her weird little heart. I love this gurrrrl and I canNOT believe she is gonna start driving soon, aaand she (and Isaac) are gonna be hittin up good ol' MV this year! what?! I'm freaked out.

(I was going to make a video montage of her beauty but ain't not body got time fa dat!)

 beautiful child

 this was that one time when she locked us in a screened-in porch, and made us raise our right hands and take an oath that we would stop making fun of her. or something. hahahaha
 she didn't know I was coming to girls camp. this was happy.


don't you wish you were best friends with this lunatic? 
Thanks for being born, Katie!

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