impulse buys & a shopping fast

ok. I wouldn't say I'm an impulse-buyer. I wouldn't say I'm foolish when it comes to money spending! but I will tell you this. I should not be allowed on Amazon or Etsy after 9:00 pm.

two weeks ago it was this beautiful piece of retro heaven.
 it came, and holy crap you guys. it's the weirdest most wonderful thing ever, and it doesn't smell like old people OR an attic.

tonight it was this. I was at WAR with myself deciding whether or not to get it. but here were my justifying reasons:
1. Grandma Mary is smiling down on me BIIIG TIME.
2. I really just want to wear hoodies all the time, but if I wear my "Dat snitch cray" one every day, my mom will ground me from it probably.
3. I've been really good at not spending money lately (tell that to the people at ihop and old navy. ok that doesn't even count, I got a dress and a shirt for $14)
4. I get paid in two days AND I have a check that has yet to be deposited AND I have a photoshoot on Saturday.
5. It's cool lookin'...
(yeah yeah yeah, men's shmen's)

AAAAAAND here we have my "Would be" impulse buy if I had A: A kitchen of my own B: wasn't suspecting myself as a house-ware hoarder.

AIGHT. well now that I've confessed to a good amount of impulse buying, I am grounding myself from shopping for a week. I vow to not set foot in Old Navy, Target, Amazon, or Etsy. I shall not buy another mug, pair of earrings, sweatshirt, or blanket; but shall only buy necessities such as underwear and snacks at work.And after this shopping-free period is over, I will NOT impulse buy anything over the amount of $20, telling myself that I've been good about not spending money.

it's a vicious cycle.


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