I siriusly love Harry Potter

Lately, I've been glued. If I'm not working, schooling, or Netflixing, I am reading Harry Potter.
This isn't my book, but my mom is cool enough to encourage her children to mark the crap out of books, because it really does make it more fun for the next person reading it!
I'm marking up every other page-- and I'll be honest, it's mostly funny things Ron says.
oh Wheezy.

I've never read the Harry Potter books... does that shock you? me too. cause I'm so obsessed, right? I read the first 2 when I was like, ten. and then about a month ago I decided to pick them back up, starting at The Prizoner of Azkaban. (my favorite movie)
this one is becoming my favorite book. oh it's good.
And I don't know what it is you guys, but Sirius Black just holds a special place in my heart! 
Maybe it's cause I have a small thing for guys with long hair. (does that shock you too? same)
or maybe it's because he's a way awesome person, and such a good friend.
anyways, that quote up there is my favorite.

Stay tuned--- in about a week I may or may not share what I've marked. 

Happy Tuesday!

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