I seriously don't think I have been this indecisive about a blog header, ever in the history of this blog. But I mean, who doesn't love a  nice new surprise look when they come over here!? haha. I like this one though, so we'll see if the love lasts.

Can we just talk about this girl?
this is super cliche, but man. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Amanda has got a big fat heart, and she never lets me down! She went off to preference last night, aaaaand wow... stunner up in here.
(that's her cute date on the right with the blue tie... and that's Kaari pondering on life right behind him) I LOVE AMANDA.

Emily's baby shower yesterday went SWIMMINGLY. it was perfect. I promise I'll put up pictures this week. (I know you're all DYING to see)

Right now, I'm gonna finish up some disks full of pictures, make some cookies, and take a nap

happy sunday


  1. Love "the holly days" SO CUTE!!!!

  2. Dear Holly the M'aam Robinson,

    This is a future best/long lost soul sister speaking, as declared by Madeline Rose James long ago.
    (She is my BCF, Best Cousin Forever).

    Will you bee my pen pal?

    Megan Marie Allen