I really shouldn't be grouchy, cause today was not a bad day.

I got a letter from Easton! It's been 7 months. NBD. what a noob. but it's ok cause he wrote both me AND Jessy! I started writing him back, and filled a page of advice-seeking tantrums. haha, you guys. He has always been the BEST advice-giver. I mean, my other best friends are too. but his advice is just so simple and great.

I am so flipping tired. so that's probably what's making me grouchy. and hungry, I'm hungry too. but I'm too tired to even get off this bed and go to the kitchen. All I want to do all night is lay in bed and watch Parks & Rec. but along with eating food, I have to string 200 doilies together for Emily's BABY SHOWERRRR tomorrow! this is going to be DARLING. I'm telling you. and most of the ideas are from our very brains! go us!

K well I guess I'll go watch my favorite episode and eat. who am I kidding, I'm not gonna eat. that's why I have a secret bundle of valentines suckers in my bedside table.


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