Hi you guys. happy Thurs. I have been working on a makeover for my sister's blog for the past two hours. hopefully she likes it, but it's ok if she doesn't cause sadly it was fun for me. so yeah, I'm tired. I just stopped by to say TGIF, and go read my sister's blog. she honestly has a gift for writing, she is so funny.
Tomorrow after school, Jess, Alex and I are heading up to Park City for some adventure. AKA shopping & celeb stalking. I just found out the an Amy Poehler and Adam Scott movie is showing up there, I almost peed when I found out. but I'm not getting my hopes up or anything... now Rupert Grint, that's a different story. I won't be able to contain myself in that department. but still, not getting any hopes up. I'm expecting to see one actor/actress that is in a show I have only heard of, or something.
I'm so tired. why the cats am I still writing??
ok, I'm going now.

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