empty plate happiness

you guys! I just booked a hotel. In my book, that makes me an adult. I mean, the REAL stamp of adulthood was my first car payment, but that money automatically transferred and I didn't even realize it. hahaha. anyways. I'm super excited. me and two of my best friends are venturing down to good ol' Southern Utah in a few weeks. There may not be a lot to do there, but it's not Orem. and we all need a break from Orem sometimes.

On another note, the Sundance Film Festival yesterday. haha, remember how I said we probably wouldn't meet anyone? well I'm certainly glad I had that attitude! cause we did not see a single celebrity. we walked around the charming little ritzy main street of PC, met a nice british friend, had some watery hot chocolate, and succeeded at not dying on our drive down through the canyon the salt lake way. (holler to ma girl ALEX for being a great driver. bless you and your grandma ways)

Today, I realized, I have NOTHING on my plate. I was going to babysit, but that fell through. It feels so good to have nothing to do, man! so I decided to fill that with antiques! My lovely friend Megan told me about an antique mall up in Sandy, and I though, HEY. why not? So Amanda, Katie and I are gonna head up there later today. I was thinking yesterday, Why don't I take more advantage of Salt Lake Valley? I'm sure they have a few good treasure troves. (did I use that in the right context? we'll go with it) and I never dare to venture up there cause I'm scared of scary belt routes! but they actually aren't that bad, cause SIGNS. so yeah. I think I'll be exploring a little bit more (with a destination and the trusty google maps) in the future.

k I REALLY want some breakfast food right now. So I'll be doing that.

Happy Saturday!!

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