So yeah, I know you're all sick of hearing about Harry Potter. and if you are, I'm sorry you have no soul. haha, just kidding.
Tonight we were planning on watching Harry Potter 4, (we are helping Katie become a true fan) and we decided to make the one thing I know EVERYONE craves, but has never actually tasted (unless you're a lucky duck and have been to Harry Potter world)
I found a recipe on Pinterest, and it did not disappoint! So yeah, the recipe is from here. (giving credit where credit is due, like an honest olly)
You'll need to be making the actual drink, as well as the froth. (trust me, you WANT the froth)

1/2 cup Heavy Whipping cream
1/4 cup of powdered sugar
1 teaspoon of Butterscotch Jell-o instant pudding mix.
>>Mix that all together with an electric mixer, REAL GOOD, until it peaks. Don't worry if it doesn't look like it does on Harry Potter, we'll get to that later. 

6 Cups of Whole Milk (this makes it really rich, my guess is if you used lowfat it would still be way good)
6 tablespoons of Butterscotch sundae syrup (no Target, yes Ridleys)
10-12 drops of yellow food coloring. (or just until the color looks nice and roasted-marshmallowy)
1 packet of Butterscotch instant pudding mix (or just the left-over from the froth)

In a saucepan, heat the milk on med-high, add the syrup and food coloring and stir it up real good. Then add the pudding mix. and stir THAT up. keep on stirring until everything is dissolved, and clumps are gone. (be patient. those caramelly clumps are stubborn)

once it's nice and warm. (keep it on med-high heat the whole time, or you'll end up with no taste buds)
grab a dipper and pour it into your glass, then add a spoon-full or so of froth.
that will sit awkwardly on top for a few minutes, but then it will start looking normal, and it will get melty and give you a KILLER stache.


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  1. Yep. We can be best friends. Some of those faces...totally something I would do. HAHA!