a million random things & Martin ma boi

I'm watching Parks & Rec again. pathetic am I.

Work is the hardest to go back to after a... weekend.

I am currently writing a post about all of my sister's fun themed dates. holy, I have no attention span.

I'm grounding myself from my debit card this week.

I will have a niece in less than a month.

I crave breakfast food all. the. time. usually late at night. like right now.

I was cranky so I shaved my legs now I'm not cranky. I'm relaxed.

I hit 2067 views on this blog post.

I needed a change, so I parted my hair on the other side instead of cutting it. much better decision.

Without pumpkin steamers, a piece of my soul is missing.

I watched Hugo last night, and I absolutely adored it. No WONDER it won so many dang awards in 2011. It's magical, and beautiful.

I am BURNING through The Goblet of Fire. (no pun intended) I love it so much, I just want to read all the time.

happy Martin Luther King day. he was my hero when I was little. what a guy!


  1. Martin Luther was your hero when you were little or when he was? Boom found a mistake. And yes, I red your blog.

  2. Haha I love this. And love that missionary sending stuff post!

  3. Hugo. Right? It's just a beautiful show! So pretty to the eyes. I too am grounded from my debit card this weekend. And probably should also be grounded from Hobby Lobby. I love our burning pun. AND holy crap finally someone besides me, mom, and Isaac love Harry Potter. The books. I really feel like it only counts if you read the books, because you can't just claim to love the movies. So you're a real fan now!! Welcome.