7 pins for your Wednesday

It has been an incredibly long week-- perhaps that's why I've been blogging so consistently. because all I want to do is go to bed right when I get home. and by go to bed, I mean lay in bed while computering, reading, or watching Netflix.
so.  I'm not a crazy pinner, but I will proudly say that I liked it before it was cool. (Thanks to Emily for showing me, and Hannah, for telling me how to work it. haha)
here are my favorite pins that I hath pinned as of late. 
happy hump day.

 In honor of Australia day on Saturday! Also, Koala's are my favorite animal. and they are not bears, they are marsupials. 

 I love the sixties. I mean LOOK at those tights! I begged my instructor to bring in pictures of her from the 60s. She asked me why. No one gets me.

 In love with this idea.. they just placed slats to add some pazaaaaaz. 

 This guy lives in an apartment beneath two incredibly STUPID girls, and he has pages and pages of things they say, and what he has to say back. Go here now!

 Let's all find the two most attractive people in the picture. ah, but of course. the enemy and the nerd.

 That would be a dream.
and in that house there was a room...

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