2013 gon' be goooood

SHOOT GUR. another New Years post? si. It is now 2013. I'm going to focus on 2013 now. 2012 is behind me. it's whatevs. it's gone. so there. I tweeted last night, "2013 is either gonna be a major beast to me, or it's gonna love me so so much"
but man, was I wrong. It's gonna be super nice to me, no matter what crappy things may happen! (not that I'm planning on crappy things happening, but you know, always a possibility)
I'm getting a niece AND a nephew this year. I'm finishing school. I'm starting a little bitty business. My best friend is going on a mission, and another great friend is returning. My brother gets married. I turn into a 20-year-old. Amanda graduates high school. Isaac and Katie GO TO HIGH SCHOOL. (weird weird weird weird weird weirdest of them all)

SO MANY WONDERFUL THINGS! So even if things aren't great at times, it's still going to be a great year over-all. Change is hard, but change is good. Especially the kind of change when babies are involved!

pictures of yesterday and today to come later.

cheerio, and happy new year!

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