Tomorrow, I'm free. I don't have back-to-back photo shoots. I can sleep as late as I want. I won't feel exhausted and cranky at the end of the day. HOLLER.
I should probably get used to this double-shoot saturday thing though, I guess most photographers have like, 30 in a Saturday? I mean, not really. but they have multiple. I was talking to a fellow photographer for a second while we were both waiting for our photoshoots to arrive at a location, and she uttered the words "I only have 3 today, buut... yada yada." and I was like "WHHHAAAAAT? THIS IS NORMAL? FEETTCHHH"

in other news.
You know how I am just a small-town girl?
well I am. but I'm not. like I think it would be CHARMING to live in a little town, but I don't feel comfortable living that far away from Target Civilization. That's why it's great when your sister moves to Heber! cause then it's not YOU living so far away, but hey, invite myself up for a weekend of the beautiful valley and cheap livin'? don't mind if I do! It's Jill, the one that just moved back from Denver. And I'm so excited for them!

oh, and I would like the world to know that I had a butterfly blood draw (the kind on the back of your hand instead of your arm) done on me the other day, voluntarily, and I did not even faint. sure, there were some "ok ok.. OK TAKE IF OUT NOW."'s, but man. my blood just flew right outta ma vein. I'm so happy. I'm getting better and better, guys! next time maybe I'll even look, AND maybe I won't yell! hahaha. (ok seriously though, I love being dramatic in those situations. I'm not really that big of a baby)

I'll be reporting back on my marvelous day tomorrow night. as for now, it's Friday and let us ALL be thankful for that.

Happy Christmas.

look how GINORMOUS my forehead is!! I mean maybe it's just the angle. anyways. and that would be a perfect bun. the key? dirty hair + dry shampoo. you're welcome.

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