Things I do when I can't sleep

K, I'm not even ABOUT to say I have insomnia, because I don't. and people actually do. and that sucks. I would shoot myself in the face if I did. not really, that was dramatic.
but some nights, like right now, I just cannot sleep.
I am tired as a lil baby. but I'm bored, and I can't sleep! IS THAT WEIRD? yep.

What do you do when you can't sleep?

I usually watch a show. but then I get tired of it, so I stop and shut my computer.
then I check on instagram. oh look, no new posts. I wonder why. ( I know why, it's because I checked 20 minutes ago)
then I pick a person ON Instagram, and insta-stalk the crap outta their instagram. Then I know all about that one person's life.
then I try to sleep.
still can't.
Sometimes I shower at 1 AM. I think it's cause I need to feel clean when I'm asleep. NOW. I'm not admitting to the world that I am dirty. I'm not. I shower every day. (which apparently according to some wonky new study, you're not supposed to wash your hair every day. RUBBISH ((i hope someone noticed that I used 2 harry potter words in one sentence. and yes, they are Harry Potter words, not just british words.) ANYWAYS, I was in a hurry out the door this morn, so I haven't showered since yesterday. which APPARENTLY for my body, is along time.
Sometimes I read through the big box of Missionary letters I have, but then that gets boring after a while, and then I'm like "MAN we used to have such interesting letter-conversations, and now the SPARK IS GONE." so I stop reading them. cause they're boring.
on occasion I'll turn on an episode of HIMYM and clean my room.
Sometimes I organize my room, only to have it a mess the next day. (great minds, guys. great minds)
There's a "teach yourself Italian" book right by my bed, so don't ask me WHY I'm not fluent in Italian yet.
oh, and obviously I blog about things no one cares about.
I'll tell you one thing, counting SHEEP and counting BLESSINGS. those don't work for me. 

hey. THREE CHEERS for only 2 hours of work tomorrow, and going over to tend my babies! Let us all say a prayer that no pennies are consumed by the young Miles Navasard this time around. bless his heart. (and his stomach. those pennies are stubborn, according to the X ray)

OH. good news! I've got myself a little graphic design gig type thing! My brother's fiance's sister owns a little Cafe called "The Flipside Cafe", up on 500 East in American fork! Go check it out! (I'll explain the design thing later. like when I know what I'm doing)

ok, I'm gonna go shower and then teach myself Italian. 

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