the eve

A year ago, I was immature. If you told me that all of my siblings would be out of the house by 7 on Christmas Eve, I would have cried. But a growing family means traditions change, and that has been easier to accept that than I thought it would! People just keep joining the family, and luckily there are no hooligans or people I want to throw out of the house uncle Phil-style.
Instead of seven places at our table, we now have ten. oh, plus four dogs.
Traditions change, but it's ok cause life is good.
I'm so grateful for my AWESOME family. I mean, yeah, everyone says that. blah blah blah I love my family blah blah blah. but we are a pretty swell group of kids here. we really really are guys. I promise.
and I am OVERLY EXCITED for the two new teeny tiny additions we'll be gettin' here in February and April. like, I'm obsessed already. you guys know how obsessed I am with Crew, Macey, and Miles. Just imagine my actual niece and nephew! (don't worry Kelsey, I'll never ditch your kids :)

I'm a grateful little bird tonight.

Happy Christmas EVE Harry!

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