post-Christmas comfy

Just in case you didn't know this, the day after Christmas is for PJs, and NOTHING BUT PGs. Also for lots of movies, sugar-filled food, and left-overs. And will you LOOK OUTSIDE? Thanks, Utah. although I may complain about your fickle weather habits, I do appreciate this lovely white stuff! It's even fun to drive in if you only have to drive around the block for a photoshoot, which was inside, but was seriously awesome. Amanda and I made Tongan Sandwiches (anyone from Andrus' class remember that?) , the verdict is... make it without the seasoning in the romen, and you're set.

I am a happy and comfy child! Now if you are wearing jeans, please go take them off and put on something of softer material, preferably over-sized and stretchy. or ya know, depending on your living conditions, you don't even have to put on pants. Undies all the way.

Happy day after Christmas, y'all!

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