lack of excitiment

oh my gosh, I'm happy.
My blog is FINALLY exactly how I want it to be. I mean, look at those beautiful pages up there! no ugly tabs or nothin'. (thanks for the link, Milan!)

I have had nothing interesting to blog about lately! My life is lacking in the excitement department. It's just school, work, sleep. (well now it's school, work, parenthood, sleep. not actual parenthood. the show parenthood.)
I apologize for the lack. OH WAIT. I wrote that novel the other day, huh?
yeah, ok. I don't apologize. there is no lack.
what do people even blog about? I flipping have no clue.
Am I doing good?

ok I think I just actually wanted to post with my fresh new design. (we will see how long that lasts, by the way. I am sooo indecisive.)

OH IT'S MY HALF BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! so yeah that's cool.
and it also means
that there is SIX MONTHS till Allen gets home! can't wait to be friends with him in person.
ahahahaha. my life is weird.

k bye!

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