remember yesterday when I said, "I need snow to have Christmas spirit!" (you might not remember it because I said it when I was eating dinner with my family)
well then today as I was peering out the window at Crosby covered in that snow (little did I know it was actually just little teeny freezing Styrofoam pellets) I was like, wait! I can't enjoy Christmas spirit if I die in an icy snow-covered car wreck. but don't you even worry, I didn't die. but I can find a way to have Christmas spirit without a snow storm like this one.  I mean, yikes.

Also, you should just know right now that if you ever desire to watch She's the Man or Baby Mama with me, you need to accept the fact that I have a disease where I quote the whole thing. I'm almost positive I could just play out the whole movie without it playing. actually, I have before. ok the first 10 minutes.
My favorite baby mama line: AHH IT FEELS LIKE I'M SH***ING A KNIFE!!! ... IS HE DEAD?! IS THAT GUY DEAD?! (you probably guessed that already, dintcha smarty?)
Favorite She's the Man quotes: "holla at yo boy!"
actually it's pretty much impossible  to pick just one. so yeah. those are like, close favorites. whatevers.

The Church is True.  and I love it.

peace 'n' blessin's. 

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  1. Lately my favorite quote has been "Kid wont get away with shit!" cause I think that about my own kid all the time. But I don't say that bad word.

    And from She's the Man "what does your HEART tell you?"