Happy Christmas, Harry!

Let your heart be light
Don't worry, be happy. Just for a sec, relax and forgot ya troubes! We are all extremely blessed. no matter what circumstances. Cause we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and was willing to send his son to be born, and die for us. We are blessed with this amazing and wonderful Gospel. So just for a little bit, forget worldly troubles and let that love sink in.

Next year all out troubles will be out of sight
I've been thinking about this. cause it doesn't sound right, ya know? but I've decided that it's saying THESE troubles will be out of sight. the troubles you're having right now. A new year, a new start. Next year, when Christmas comes speeding at us like a double-decker bus, the worries you have now won't be here. heck, they won't be here in a couple months if you're lucky. and there will be babies next Christmas too, so we got that goin' for us.

It has been a MARVELOUS few days! Like I said in the previous post, man I love this familia of mine! I don't even want the holidays to end cause these homies won't be around 24/7. but luckily they live just a hop, skip and boat ride aways.

Happy Christmas to all my friends and readers and family!

ps. go see Les Miserable right now. three hours of pure wonderful. and be smart like me and bring a tissue or two.

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