family bonding

You know those "you had to be there " moments that are so hilarious, that you want SO badly to tell everyone, but you had to be there?

one of those moments happened for a good ten minutes tonight.

first you need to picture my dad. a handsome man, a bald man. most people's faces turn red, his whole head turns read. When my dad really gets laughing, the red head comes first, then comes the vein in his forehead, popping out.
when this happens, everyone starts laughing. no matter how stupid the joke or the comment he is laughing at, if dad starts laughing, we all start laughing.

next you need to picture Emily. my 6 months pregnant sister. she laughs a lot, and she cries a lot, (hormones, am I right?) but never in my life have I seen a laugh that is so easy to be confused with a cry. There were moments during those ten minutes that I LITRALLY couldn't tell what was going on with her.

It all started with Scattergories. everything starts with scattergories. the famous Narwal argument of 2011, and tonight will hence be known as the Tweety Bird laugh erruption.

The letter was T, and one of the words was "bird".
Some way through our deep individual pondering, someone mentioned the bird. Emily exlaimed, "IT HAS TO BE A REAL BIRD. AN ACTUAL TYPE OF BIRD" ... (we seem to have a habit in our family of twisting the words on the cards around.)

Then we read our answers. LO and behold, Emily put "tweety bird", and blurbed it out AFTER she realized what she had said before.

Guys, this isn't that funny. It was like, "hahahahaha oh emily, you're pregnant, (they weren't just making things up when they came up with the term 'pregnant brain'" and then you'd laugh for about 2 minutes.
but Emily and Jill started laughing. and then Emily kept going and going, and couldn't stop. (this sounds like she's gonna pass out or something soon, but don't worry no one was harmed)
Tears were present.

Then my dad got started. Seeing her laughing like this made us all laugh, but then the vein made itself known, and his head was as red as a tomato from his beloved garden.

They had to cover their own faces so that they wouldn't see each other laughing.

It was one of those "you had to be there moments". but luckily, most of my family WAS there.

It's right there with the Narwal moment, and that one time when I was born.
It was a memorable, and life-changing experience.


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