eclecticism, thank you very much.

do you know WHY I look like a hoarder? (mom) because I need my own house. or tiny apartment. I would adore a tiny apartment.Decorating my own house is HONESTLY a huge contributing factor to the excitement of being married one day. If I was rich enough to have my own apartment to decorate right now, I would be ALL OVER THAT.
I can't wait to not have a color theme. I'm not one of those people who can just have 2 or 3 colors in their house. no way. ECLECTICISM BRAH. (I said eclecticity first but then spell check) but seriously, all of those pictures up there, I am in love with. because MAN LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS!
I also believe I can decorate my future home on a reasonable budget. PLUS. half of the stuff in my room will work in the transition. (probably enough to fill a whole home)
Also, I won't have matching chairs. or matching dishes. (ok maybe some matching dishes)
My great friend Megan and I go to antique stores and droooool over everything, just DREAMING of how awesome our houses are gonna be. I can promise you that just about 80% of the belongings in my house will be at least 50 years old.
You're all thinking "yeeeah right, everyone says that, it never happens"
well to that I say, look at my room, then say that to my face.

(oh, before someone gets all up in my bidness for stealing pictures/not giving credit, all of the links to these pictures come from my home pinterest board)


  1. Good thing you included that last line, cause I really was going to get up in yo bidness. Cause man. No thievery.

  2. Oh my gosh! You took my request and made it so I didn't have to type in scary letters and numbers! Now my urge to comment on your blogs is even greater.